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Canada Tourist Visa with Adventure Plus Only at INR 8840/- Per Application Visa form to be filled online from the VSF website - 2 set of visa forms and applicant has to sign in both. Original Passport (Old & New) valid for 6 months and also require passport copy 1st and last page 2 sets 3 Recent Photos 35mm x 45mm white background (80% Face to be seen) (Photographs should not be old for more than 6 months) Personal Covering Letter Leave letter Valid Passport for 6 months and copy of passport (2 copies of first page on a separate sheet, one copy of last page) Xerox copy of Income Tax Papers Updated Bank statement for the last 6 months with applicant's name, a/c no. with bank seal & sign Property Papers, Fixed Deposits Sponsorship if visiting Relatives or Friends (Sponsorship letter, last 3 months Bank Statement) Leave certificate from School in case of Student 1 Form for Family with kids Below 18 years Consent letter ( Download ) Personal Information Form ( Download ) Schedule 1 ( Download ) T& C Apply*
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